100th Birthday of Cub Scout’s Cuboree: Old wolves lead cubs

100th Birthday of Cub Scout's Cuboree: Old wolves lead cubs

Around 6p.m on June 3rd 2016, we received the information that the local government put pressure on Green Eyes' owner to ask them terminate the contract they signed with us or else, they would lose their business registration certificate. Local government did not want to talk with us, the one who signed the contract of renting campsite. During the night, some Packs arrived the campsite early, such as Da Lat, Cam Ranh and Can Tho, had to pack up all tents and stuffs and were ready to move. Green Eyes' owner wanted to show their hospitality and make it up for us, they let our cubs stay in the rooms with air conditioner and mattress.

At 6a.m on June 4th 2016, after having breakfast, cubs moved to the Pastoral Center of Ho Nai (Saint Martin's Temple). Some Packs arrived early already set up their tents, caves and decoration. Around 8a.m, there were some officers in uniform standing in front of the gate and stopped buses to get in the place; also they did not let anyone in or out. Their only reason was the president of Bien Hoa city did not allow holding activities there. They continued to halt us with other non-uniformed officers. At that time, we suspected some strangers approaching the tents area and near the Organization board base to sneak information. At 8:30a.m many buses carried cubs arrived the center but forced to stop along the road caused traffic jam. The weather was pretty hot but our cubs could not leave the bus to enter the camp while those officers stopped them from getting inside. When the Priest, who is in charge of the Pastoral Center, talked to them (policemen and security force), they told him that the Center was not a safe place for children to camp; if you wish to camp, choose some other parks or resorts. (Meanwhile, Binh Duong Province' policemen put pressure on the resort's owner to terminate the contract; Bien Hoa City's policemen said that the Center was not a safe place!).

It means they were afraid of something from children aged from 6 to 11 years old. 827 cubs together with hundreds parents accompanying to support their daughters and sons for a happy and united summer camp. Now, it could not happen. After a short meeting with parents, with their agreement, we decided to move to another place. Packs, based on their capacity, traveled to other places from luxury resorts (they spent 500,000 vnd/day/cub), to regular parks (spent 150,000 vnd/day/cub). Some packs went to Ong Muoi Islet, Giang Dien Waterfall, Da Hang Water fall, etc. Some even traveled further to Coc Lake, Long Hai beach, Phuoc Tinh, Chi Linh, Paradise and Bai Dau, etc...Some resorts/parks in Dong Nai warned us that we should not go there since the police had already called them to ask not to let scout camp at their places.

Hai Dang Packs had to go to Da Hang Waterfall in Trang Bom for their cubs to play at the waterfall and camp because the bus they contracted could not travel over Dong Nai Province. However, they had to come back home at 7:30p.m because some officers kept asking them to move. Hai Dang Pack arrived home at 10p.m. At other fly camps outside Dong Nai, some officers came there for checking, all they saw were children from 6 to 11 years old playing around. They even did not know why their leaders asked them to force those children to stop gathering in a crowd and having fun. They considered that our cubs were nice and well behaved; they saw no risk of "rebel" in us so they let us continue playing. Leaders stayed close to packs, assisted and supported the program. Even though we could not organize the event on a large scale, each fly camp still held the Grand Howl and other planned activities plus our cubs had a chance to go to the beach! There were other activities that needed to organize with equipment and technique that could not be shared; even so, our cubs had no free time because their old wolves had organized a lot of activities for them with their creativeness and limit tools. The peak of the camp was the Red Flower Night where packs performed. We got Daklak's cubs with sounds from bamboo musical instruments; they had brought to us the sound of the forest, the sound of the mountains. We got Phan Thiet's cubs with their charming Cham dance. And, we got Can Tho's cubs with an animated flashmob that involved everybody else in the hall. There were many more to tell here. However, fly camps were along of over hundreds kilometers, thus, we just focused on activities at the spot. There were places that gathered 1 to 5 packs; some gathered 10 packs. Our cubs felt satisfied with this. When we left the Pastoral Center, cubs asked, "was it because we didn't wear uniform, so they didn't let us stay?" Old wolves answered, "Tomorrow we will wear uniform to perform a beautiful Grand Howl!"...

Things I mentioned above are what actually happened. There are scouters who don't belong to any groups and there are scouters who are not working with children, they said that our Executive Board is rotten enough to bring cubs to an event like this and make them witness bad things. They considered this is an action of getting involved in politics. Thus, I'm telling you all things that happened here for your information. Cubs going to Cuboree were permitted by their parents. Cubmasters and scouters are the persons who help cubs to take part in activities. Their parents understood that we had to arrange bus, meals, location, and accommodation, etc. for them. Parents together with us taking care of cubs; parents of 827 cubs agreement shows that they trust the Organizing Board of the Cuboree. A true Leader will take their service to cubs selflessly as it's a true joy for him. If someone stays outside the game and criticizes, please form a pack and guide them before you contribute your opinions to us. We appreciate opinions and ideas though they are small or big. If we did wrong things, we would correct it.

We recognized one important thing, that is the ultimate spirit of serving children of our leaders, young or old, belonged to the Organizing Board or not, we all united in building an activity program for kids at the spot. Leader Le Dinh Binh took care of Long Hai camp; Leader Tran Van Hien was in charge of Paradies camp; Leader Nguyen Thanh Nghia took in hand of Long Thanh camp, together with other Leaders, such as Tuan Huy, The Doan, Da Quy, etc., other cubmaster assistants have made the feature of Vietnam Scouts Cub Section to stay firm through the storm. In the near future, young leaders will replace old leader...We can catch a glimpse of those young leaders coming near.

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