ASEAN Rover Moot (ARM) in Brunei-10 to15 Dec 2018

From: Dr Mohd Effendy []
Sent: Wednesday, May 9, 2018 6:50 PM
Subject: ASEAN Rover Moot (ARM) in Brunei-10 to15 Dec 2018

Dear All

Following the decision of the ASEAN Scout Association for Regional Cooperation (ASARC) Committee at its meeting held in Tagum City, Philippines on 26th November 2017, Brunei Darussalam (PPNBD) has kindly agreed to host the 1st ASEAN ROVER MOOT in December 2018 with the theme "ONE ASEAN, ONE COMMUNITY IN SCOUTING".

I am pleased to attach the invitation letter and relevant documents from the host NSO, PPNBD for your necessary action.

We strongly encourage your NSO to participate in this meaningful event and also since 2018 is the 100th years of Rover Scouting.

Thank you. Regards

Yours in Scouting

Secretary General


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