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Tất cả các sinh hoạt về lãnh vực này xin tất cẩ các Đơn vị, Các HĐS và tất cẩ những ai quan tâm về hoạt động Jota Joti xin liên hệ: Tr. Lê Thái Sơn
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Subject: Get your NSO ready for JOTI!
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Dear National JOTA-JOTI Coordinators,

We'll be launching the JOTI Special Edition next week as we bring World Scouting indoors, into the comfort of our homes as we navigate these uncertain times.

To ensure all Scouts are able to participate actively in this special event, we're looking forward to working together in ensuring this JOTI's success. Over the course of next week, we'll be sharing more information with all of you to help with preparations.

If your NSO does not have a National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator, the ICs will be contacted and expected to help on the roll-out of the event within your NSO. Please inform us who should we contact to follow up within your NSO in case the IC won't the contact person for this event.

Some important information is below for your reference:


3 - 5 April 2020

Be Safe on Online:

It is very important that all participants stay safe while engaging in these activities. Safe From Harm is designed to support keeping all Scouts safe during all Scouting activities, including JOTI Special Edition. Together, we are all responsible for creating a safe environment for everyone.

Familiarise yourself with the latest Safe from Harm guidelines during JOTI Special Edition here, and help us provide a safe environment for our young people.

JOTI Special Edition Programme:

This special JOTI will be both educational and fun, bringing Scouting into the homes of young people around the world. It will be a space for young people and Scouts to connect, learn and build friendships during this challenging time of social distancing.

The finalised programme will be shared here over the next few days.

Official Joti Partners:

For this JOTI Special Edition, we are working with a few official partners to enrich our programme:
Radio over the Internet by JOTI Radio
Online chat rooms (IRC) and Minecraft servers by ScoutLink

Help us promote JOTI – Special Edition!

We have put together a social media package for you, so you can promote the event in your respective social media channels.

Download assets here

Let's stay in touch

We are inviting all JOTI Coordinators to join this Facebook group for support, information and updates on JOTI- Special Edition. You will be asked to respond to 2 questions:
Which NSO/NSA do you Represent
Please write the password provided in the email communication to all JOTA-JOTI Coordinators.
For this one please respond: JOTISE2020

Add me to the group

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