Tin Taskforce ngày 24/5/2016 của Bác sỉ Nguyễn Thiện Khánh

Ho chi Minh city , May 24th, 2016

Greetings from Vietnam,

Dear Brothers ,
We are honored to inform you that the Conference of Scout masters of Vietnam Scouting Council on Dec.21st .2015 has elected a new executive committee to replace the past executive committee finished its term .
The new executive committee consists of 10 scout masters ( 4 of them are members of the task force of the Vietnam Scouting Council )
Dr Nguyen Thien Khanh LT – The co- chair of the task force- was nominated as the president of the new executive committee ( term 2016 -2020 )
All correspondence domestically and internationally with Vietnam Scouting Council will share as follows:
Email : drkhanh@gmail.com
Tel : (84) 903 708 318
Fax: (84) 8 3 834 3800
Best regards,

Dr Nguyen Thien Khanh LT
Vietnam Scouting Council

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