Announcing the Earth Tribe initiative for environmental action

World Scouting launches Earth Tribe as new education initiative for environmental action

Today on World Environment Day, we're very excited to announce a major milestone for our Scouting family as we launch the Earth Tribe, our new initiative for environmental education and action.

The Earth Tribe is a global movement of young people taking individual and collective action for the environment. Learn how to preserve and protect our planet and become leaders for environmental sustainability.

Through a series of exciting Earth Tribe Challenges, you will have the opportunity to create your own journey to tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet: climate change, fossil fuel reliance, rising consumption habits, and a loss of nature and biodiversity.

Join the Earth Tribe

Earth Tribe Challenges

As Scouts and Leaders, you are able to join the Earth Tribe and earn recognition badges by taking part in one or more of the Challenges:

Champions for Nature Challenge

Become a champion for nature and biodiversity by developing sustainable habits for an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

Tide Turners Plastic Challenge

Create healthier and more resilient oceans by understanding how pollution affects every corner of the world.

Scouts Go Solar Challenge

Innovate for clean energy as you discover the power of the sun and learn how energy and the climate are connected.

You can now take the Earth Tribe quiz to pick your Challenge and start your sustainability journey.

Take the Earth Tribe quiz

Let's put our planet on the path to recovery, and together join the Earth Tribe.

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